Announcing: New Czech Republic Branch

Announcing: New Czech Republic Branch

News Factory, an online company that primarily focuses forex and binary option information, has its eyes set for a new branch in the Czech Republic. Initially known as Motion Hive the company is a platform for relaying and getting informational videos on a daily basis.

This new branch is a move to provide brokers with an avenue to provide reputable information and analysis to the ever-growing consumer base in the European market. What can you find or do at News Factory? First, it is important to note that this platform has cast a wider net with approximately 20 languages. This multilingual approach has not only made it easier to customize news items to fit the particular brand but it also makes it easier to relay videos with your own local anchor.

Video filming, editing, publishing is another service provided after which the video is sent to the requester's own website, to YouTube or a newsletter platform. This plus a link to social networks potentially creates more online reviews and a wider market. The videos at News Factory fully represent you or your brand by incorporating all the guidelines you provide into the video.

That is, the color, the logo and designs are all tailored to the requester's brand. It is also easier to review recent activities since a thorough analysis of the previous week and the oncoming week is provided.

The financial videos can cover forex, binary option, stocks, cfd's, forthcoming and present financial reviews, indices, trading ideas and trading signals. For lottery videos you can provide the latest winners, the new prizes and the winning number combinations on a daily basis here. The consumers therefore get lots of information in just one stop plus you can include your call-to-action in the video(s). News Factory is reputable and observes all European regulations. Call today or visit the official website,, to register today and get the ball rolling.

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