March 6, 2017

A lot of businesses and employers have classified video marketing as one of the best and ideal techniques or ways to reach out to their clients. With the world becoming a global village with the advent of the internet, the use of videos has proven to be more efficient in advertising and promoting the businesses, services, and products of different organizations and companies. This has made video marketing very popular among a lot of business owners.



Video marketing can be defined as the making of different videos for the sole purpose of promoting, a company, a service, a product or an organization. Once these videos have been successfully created, you as the owner must look for different ways to distribute them, and the distribution must be effective; this way, your prospects and potential clients will see your video, note what it is all about, and come through to purchase or hire your services. You can also upload these videos on your website, but placing them on other channels will help you reach out to more prospective clients and help promote your business effectively.



You'll Catch the Attention of a Bigger Audience

People these days don't like reading long articles that will take 10-15 minutes to read, they'll rather watch a video of two to three minutes instead. As a result of this, promotional videos can help you get more prospective clients than you can imagine. These videos will help you entice interested customers and pull them through to your website and ensure that they check the different services offered by your business.

Videos Are Easily Accessible

Technology has improved in a lot of ways, and this serves as a benefit to online videos. It's not a must for your potential clients to have a laptop before they'll be able to view your video; most smartphones that are used by people today are equipped with the right function that can help them watch your videos online, or download them to their phones. This makes it easy for them to access your videos on the go and also very easy to distribute to other people and their social platforms.


Videos Are SEO Friendly

Most of the search engines around today, including Google, show a special kind of love for videos. This has made it easier for those involved in video marketing to gain the attention of more potential clients, which is in turn increasing their conversion rate.


Your Business Will Be Seen As Professional

In order to gain the trust and reliability of your customers, you need to be an established or developed authority in your marketing industry. Video marketing can help you achieve this establishment as your videos will be seen by thousands of viewers.



Video marketing isn't about just creating a video and uploading it online; you need to hire the services of a professional video marketing company like News Factory. There are a lot of factors that go into making a video for marketing, for instance, your video has to look professional, has to be of high quality, has to be placed on the right channels while targeting the right audience, call to actions, etc. These are things you need to get right, and hiring the services of a professional and competent video marketing company like News Factory is the best way to do it.


At News Factory, we work with our clients in order to make sure that they are satisfied. That is why we offer a customized video production service. This way, we can help you create videos but with more features, like multiple languages -in order to reach out to more potential clients in other countries- , free distribution of social channels, top notch professional writing, and of course, the best quality you can ever get. We also offer daily video review services. You can check out the full features of our services here. Call on us today and you'll experience video marketing on a whole new level.


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